Sustainable ontology-based development and optimization solutions for fiber-reinforced materials and their manufacturing processes

Project runtime: 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2025




Sustainable and innovative products based on composite materials!


A harmonized description of the cross-scale relationships between material, process and component is currently not available for fiber-reinforced materials. In addition, there is insufficient data integrity from material characterization through simulation methods to manufacturing processes. The development of a harmonized ontological description to represent these complex interrelationships is intended to open up previously unusable potential for data-driven material development and process optimization as well as the establishment of material cycles.


The novel ontological description developed in the project in conjunction with the data arising from material, process, characterization and simulation (knowledge graph) allows the effects of parameter changes to be predicted and the components to be evaluated with the integration of real data. This makes it possible to achieve overarching optimization from the material microstructure to the operational stability of the components, including their recyclability.


Semantic queries based on ontological description allow researchers as well as material and component manufacturers to access structured knowledge without revealing proprietary data, thus contributing to faster development of new products and solutions on a broad basis.

For what:

The market for composite components is growing at double-digit percentages per year [1]. Composites enable lightweight applications in automotive, train, ship, and aircraft construction, as well as renewable energy. The use of recyclates and the increase of recyclability lead to decisive competitive advantages on a national and European level by favoring a sustainable circular economy.

[1] Sauer, M.; "Composites Market Report 2020 - The Global CF Market 2020", Composites United, Berlin December 2020.