Newsletter 12

Platform-News - 15.03.2023


Dear colleagues in the MaterialDigital community,

The Initiative has started the year 2023 with an increase in funded projects. All new members are warmly welcomed! This year fascinating subjects, innovations, and events await you again.

New head of executive office

We welcome our new head of the executive office Alexander Straumal.

He introduces himself to you in a short interview.

"Unique about the initiative is that it brings together materials science and data science. The collaboration between material scientists - who create data in their labs - and data scientists - who develop ontologies based on the data obtained - creates data that can be found from all over the world and analyzed from many different perspectives. The various expertise and needs of all stakeholders are incorporated into the work and creation of the platform, making it so unique."

Start MaterialDigital 2

Five MaterialDigital 2 initiatives have started in the the meantime: The projects GaN-Digital, OntOMat, DiMoGraph, HybridDigital, and DiMad are welcomed. You can find out which consortia and topics are hidden behind the acronyms on our website. We welcome everyone to the consortium and look forward to a productive exchange and working together.

Save The Date: 3rd Genaral Assembly

We are pleased to announce the 3rd General Assembly of the MaterialDigital initiative. It will take place on September 21 and 22 at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The two-day event will offer plenty of time for exchange and collaboration in smaller workshops. Please save the date. We are looking forward to welcoming as many participants as possible in Karlsruhe.

Save the date General Assembly
Abb.1 Save the Date 3rd General Assembly.

Further events

FEMS EUROMAT 2023 EUROMAT, one of the biggest European conferences on material science, will be held in Frankfurt am Main from September 3–7. The PMD initiative is once again represented at the conference by numerous presentations, particularly at the symposium D08: Digital Materials: Experiments, Simulation Workflows, Ontologies and Interoperability.

Take advantage of the opportunity to speak with initiative representatives directly.

4th EMMC International Workshop 2023 The fourth international EMMC workshop will take place in Vienna from April 26 to 28, 2023. Under the title "Materials & Digitisation: the backbone of the Green Transition", the topics of materials, digitisation and green transition will be examined from various perspectives, including model development, data and knowledge representation, software tools, industrial transformation and policy. There will be a talk from the MaterialDigital platform as well as poster presentations.

Forum revision

New: We have reorganized the forum with the intention of improving the navigation. You can see the new structure here. The suggestion for the reorganization came from the community - many thanks for that! In the forum, you will also find onboarding documents for all focus areas. They should make it easier for new employees in particular to get started in PMD.

Good to know: The forum is designed for the transfer of knowledge and the exchange of information between individuals. Both members of the platform and members of projects represent their personal views there and not necessarily those of the entire consortium. Please support the knowledge transfer by freely sharing your expertise and experiences with the community. In the future, updates from the main working groups will also be posted in the forum for more transparency. This is meant to strengthen the exchange and ensure that we are all on the same page.

We are always happy to receive feedback and requests for improvements regarding the forum and can be reached directly via the forum itself or the contact form on the website.

Get to know the people in the MaterialDigital initiative

On our website as well as on our social media channels we would like to present our passionate members of the MaterialDigital initiative in short interviews. The interview series has already started; find out who has already told exciting stories about, for example, the digitization of materials science. We look forward to all future interviews and thank the interviewees for their interesting insights!

Thank you for your support and interest. Only with your support and participation can this project and initiative be successful in the long term.

The PMD team